Take action. Change attitudes

Think User-Generated Content (UGC) is all very well when you’re Coke, Starbucks or Walkers Crisps? Think there’s no way something like a public marriage proposal could happen in B2B?

Well, we have two things to say to that:

  1. The power of these campaigns comes from the consumer, not the brand
  2. Actions change attitudes faster than attitudes change actions.

Power to the people

So what is UGC, exactly? In the context of marketing, UGC is any content (blogs, images, video, social posts etc) related to any brand that is voluntarily produced and shared by your audience.

But it’s the unplanned and unexpected customer responses that give UGC campaigns like Share a Coke a life of their own and make them so powerful. Coke saw an 870% increase in web traffic and a 7% uplift in sales as a direct result of Share a Coke because they got the public to interact with their brand. Instead of relying on persuasion that their brand is best, they simply got people to take part – and the sales followed.

Action for change in B2B
So all you have to do to achieve UGC success in B2B is find a way to get your customers and prospects to interact with your brand…  Simple.

Except it’s not simple. And it’s not simple for big B2C brands either, no matter how much they’ve made it look that way. First, you have to know your audience inside out, then be inventive, relevant and make them care enough to take action Click To Tweet. The simplicity has to be in the idea and the execution.

The truth is, getting your B2B audience to create UGC around your brand will take some leg work from you – but it will reap huge rewards.

Legwork works: Sage’s Big HR & Payroll Quiz
The team at Sage was rewarded with a 50% response rate when they launched the Big HR & Payroll Quiz this year, which led to over 800 inquiries in under 4 weeks with no display media. Here’s the video.

The Big HR & Payroll Quiz is based on a personality quiz format, extremely popular with social media users right now. It’s fun, but revealing; quick, but useful; easy to complete, and even easier to share. The programme targets HR and Payroll professionals, known from the campaign research to be committed to their role, but lacking in support and recognition from the business. The quiz invites respondents to discover their work style, assess their key work-based skills, and establish where they rank in the universe of HR and Payroll professionals. They can share and compare their results with others, achieving both recognition and social proof. Finally, participants receive a set of tailored brain-training games that help them in their role – and all of this without a single sales message from Sage.

In a world where 75% of B2B purchases are influenced by social media, 61% of B2B marketers find UGC more credible and 90% are unresponsive to cold approaches, getting your customers to interact with your brand, irrespective of where they are in the buying cycle, is marketing gold.

Want to find out more about the Sage Big HR & Payroll Quiz and how a UGC campaign could work for your brand? Drop us a line.

With so many stakeholders here, MOI’s flexibility, creativity and responsiveness have been a credit. Their tireless dedication has meant our campaigns have delivered way beyond expectations.
Laura Scampini, Global Campaign Manager , Sage HR & Payroll Solutions


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