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It’s ironic. 30 years ago, MOI was supporting the marketing engagement strategy for ICL – later acquired by Fujitsu – to spread their OpenVME systems and solutions across the world.

Now we’re working on strategic marketing programmes that help our clients in the B2B technology sector to guide large enterprises as they move mission critical applications away from those original legacy platforms to more open systems such as the cloud.

How are we doing this?

Well, 30 years ago we did it by delivering personal, relevant, creative marketing programmes.

Now we do it by delivering personal, relevant, creative marketing programmes…oh.

Okay, so great marketing is essentially the same. Except it’s also very, very different.

What a time it is to be in marketing. The skills required for effective marketing are evolving faster and faster, and being able to blend data analysis with creativity is now crucial. But those who can keep on top of all the new tools and methodologies available to them have the power to engage audiences like never before.

Here are just some of the ways, 30 years on, we’re doing marketing differently, and better.

The data-driven revolution

There’s no denying it. Data now rules the world. And it becomes even more powerful when a marketer applies creativity and uses it to target the right people at the right moment with the messages they want to hear.

It’s data that drives B2B marketers’ current – but legitimate – obsession with account-based marketing.

Segmentation and personalisation

With the right data in your hands, you can accurately segment your prospects and personalise your communications with content, assets and messaging that’s truly relevant to them – it becomes about helping your customers rather than just selling to them.

Sophisticated measurement and automation processes

With automation taking care of the more time-consuming tasks, marketers can focus on creative, meaningful and value-adding work. Being able to measure what you do means you can drop the stuff that isn’t working and double down on the bits that are.

New, integrated digital channels

We’re now much better able to engage buyers across multiple channels – including email, social media, display, content – to give them a more complete journey and relationship with a brand.

Persona marketing and its impact

Thanks to the internet and social media, you can do in-depth and accurate research into the personas you create, without even leaving your desk. You can build a much clearer picture of the types of people you’re marketing to.

The power of effective social selling

Thanks to social media, personalisation gets truly personal. Marketers and sales people can really get to know their prospects. When done right, it’s not just about selling, but a two-way value exchange.

The connection and collaboration between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are more often sharing data with each other to target the accounts that are most valuable, and those that actually intend to buy. Less budget is wasted on marketing to people who have no interest.

What about the next 30 years?

It’s impossible to predict that far ahead – even ten years ahead – but we’re only just starting to get a glimpse at the power of developing technologies such as VR and AI. As long as you keep evolving your marketing practices you’ll get better and better at engaging audiences, providing them with ever more relevant content and messaging.

It’s easy to be nostalgic about the past. But the truth is, marketing’s the same as it was three decades ago. Just much, much better.

Which of the new methodologies mentioned above are you using in your marketing efforts? If there are any you’re missing, get in touch and we’ll talk about how we can fill the gaps to make your marketing more effective.

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