Oracle: The Power of Freedom

“Business Freedom” was a large scale, ambitious campaign and the first in Oracle’s history to target an exclusively SME audience. It was a fully integrated, highly creative, content programme that took Oracle right away from its traditional, enterprise-focused, technology-based messaging and put the spotlight on the customer: growing businesses and their challenges.

The Context

Historically Oracle has struggled to engage with small to midsize businesses. Research confirmed a general lack of awareness amongst sub-$100 million turnover companies, and where is awareness, there’s a perception that Oracle is large, complex, expensive and relevant only to large organisations.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create awareness amongst mid-size organisations, demonstrating Oracle’s relevance to their needs, stimulating trial of Oracle products and whilst doing so, increasing conversion of Conversation-Ready (CORE) leads.

The Solution

MOI’s response was to develop the biggest, most impactful SME programme in Oracle’s history – a content campaign to stimulate awareness, change perceptions, encourage trial and drive CORE lead conversion. It would also be the first to shift focus away from specific product promotion, and towards solving customer issues –with unified messaging that would instill confidence about Oracle’s expertise, track record, and relevance to smaller businesses.

The Results
2 million
Video Impressions
17 : 1
ROI Ratio

The videos alone achieved a record 2 million impressions, 89,500 views, 7,253 clicks and a 70% click through rate (against a benchmark of 50%).

All lead generation expectations were exceeded, with 30,000 generated and an ROI ratio of 17:1.

This campaign represents a fundamental shift in Oracle’s approach to targeting and awareness marketing – all eyes have been on us to prove it works and we’ve definitely achieved that. I’m astonished at how inventively and effectively MOI contributed to the strategy and managed so many moving parts, with such fantastic results.

Olivia Robinson, Midsize Senior Marketing Manager