Catalyst – Where Impactful Change Begins


Starting in Singapore, the DXC Technology CATALYST 2017 Flagship Client series succeeded in positioning the brand as evangelists in digital transformation – garnering impressive results that have set the brand up to evolve the campaign in 2018.

The Challenge

New, but not born yesterday

The DXC Technology Asia, Middle-East, and Africa (AMEA) team had plans to run a day-long deep-dive strategy session across the regional markets – and our challenge was to create a theme that was versatile enough to extend into the various environments of the different countries.

But what do you do when, despite being a $25 billion company that has over 60 years of experience and is serving more than 6,000 clients in more than 70 countries, industry peers, partners and customers still see you as the new kid on the block?

The Solution

The story of DXC Technology, written by MOI

You show them how equipped and experienced you are – which is why we were tasked to create an event identity that introduced DXC Technology’s capabilities and positioned them as the Digital Transformation Partner of Choice in the new economy.

Inspired by the brand’s current promise, “Thrive on Change”, we designed the flagship event to showcase DXC Technology as a catalyst in the formula for transformation – igniting in businesses unimaginable possibilities and achieving extraordinary results. Building on that, we derived the event theme, “CATALYST – where impactful change begins.”

Bringing the story of impactful change to life

As ‘digital transformation’ and ‘change’ are abstract ideologies, we wanted to translate the story of digital transformation into something more tangible. Which is where we decided to expand the theme to the event environment by creating an immersive experience that brings digital transformation to life. Starting from the venue: we chose the newly located ZOUK as similarly to DXC, they too embody the statement, “New, but not born yesterday” – making this venue choice apt for the theme of innovation and change.

For the regional CATALYST roadshows, the concept was flexible enough to include local nuances to resonate better with the culture of the target audiences.

The Results
New leads

Power in the tempest

The Singapore event saw 153 total registrants; over 68% conversion rate and about 22% walk-in rate. In total there were 135 attendees, of which over 70% were Director-level and above and more than 50% were CXOs, Directors, IT Heads level and above.

With over 452 guests in attendance and over 230 DXC Technology personnel, the CATALYST series was rolled out in 5 cities across APAC in three months and saw over 100 live demonstrations.

Leveraging on the impressive results of the events across the APAC markets, DXC Technology looks set to evolve ‘CATALYST’ as a campaign in 2018.

When the MOI team first came to us, I was struck by their passion and energy. Instinctively, I had a feeling that they would be a good partner. Despite the short timeframe between brief to execution, the team was able to iterate through various concepts to finally nail the theme of “CATALYST” that perfectly represented our young company. With their rich B2B client experience, they were able to bring immense value to help us cut through the crowded space of Digital Transformation players. Thank you team MOI.

Geraldine Kor, Marketing Director Asia, DXC Technology