Taking ABM to Another Level

The Context

As a networking systems, services, and software company, Ciena enables its clients to adapt within ever-changing environments to deliver richer, more connected experiences for their business and users. As demand continues to grow, Ciena has a duty to help its customers and partners prepare for and meet this demand.

The Challenge

One of Ciena’s existing customers, a large telco in South America, had issued an RFP for network restructure in the CALA region. The challenge for Ciena was to demonstrate to the telco’s senior network decision makers that they understood the requirements within the region and were the partner of choice to guide them through this change.


The Solution

MOI’s response was to work with Ciena to build an experiential tool that provided senior network decision makers from the telco’s buying committee with interactive, digital experiences offering local insights and company-specific recommendations.

Combining bite-sized assets detailing industry trends from a recent network study by Ciena with interactive content, the tool gave customers the ability to simulate projected bandwidth demands and test the performance of their network against a series of real-world scenarios.

The tool would also provide capacity and cost analyses on their selected projections, with customers receiving tailored recommendations on how their networks must adapt to meet future demands.

The Results
minutes per average site visit
54 %

Personalised emails were sent to the key decision makers, with access to the experience gated by domain name. This ensured only target prospects with the appropriate credentials could interact with the tool and receive the tailored recommendations.

MOI delivered a really user-friendly experience that engaged the audience and drove them to take action beyond expectations. We’re delighted with the results and are already developing the tool for use in further campaigns.

Natalia Sanchez, Senior Manager, Channel and Field Marketing, Ciena