Omni-channel nurture. Always on and always there, means always in mind

So your campaign went live, the enquiries flooded in, data was captured, and you met your net-new leads target. Great. Now the automated nurture programme can kick in. Job done.

Is it? What’s your plan to influence decisions in the far-reaching digital hangouts your automation workflow can’t reach? Where your buyers really research.

The truth is, although marketers have been nurturing leads through the funnel for many, many years, it’s always been fairly one-dimensional. And no, automation doesn’t provide all the answers Click To Tweet.

With buyer behaviours continuing to gravitate towards information sources outside of our control, we need to think outside traditional nurture methods – and even outside the traditional funnel Click To Tweet, to plug gaps and prevent leaks.

This is where today’s always-on, omni-channel world presents a huge opportunity for marketers. When buyers can be (and are) online at any time, in any place, on any channel, marketers need to forget the ‘start now’ mentality, where the nurture programme only begins when a specific response is triggered, and move to a mindset of always-on, always-there. Where you have the chance to not only nurture prospects where you’ve identified an interest, but engage with new prospects too – buyers previously unknown to you, who are independently researching and evaluating products and services like yours, outside of any CRM activity.

Be there for your buyers
To make the most of the opportunity that awaits them, today’s B2B marketers need to steer buyers, directly or indirectly to their brand via two streams of well-planned nurture assets:

1. Always-there, omni-channel outbound

Informed by data and automated according to buyer action, content is pushed across multiple channels to arrive at the optimum time via the channels they prefer.

 2. Always on inbound

Nurture content and commentary are seeded in the places where your buyer researches. Accepting that you need to mirror your outbound nurture content into environments you don’t control, or measure, closes the loop on an omni-channel strategy.

Do it really well and your always-on, omni-channel approach means buyers effectively nurture themselves, in their own time and on their terms. All you have to do is join up the data crumbs to measure success. But that’s another story.

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