Putting on a B2B event is both a science and an art. If winning the Great Agency Bake Off 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that you can follow a simple recipe but it needs that extra touch of magic to make it truly special. We think we’ve cracked it so here’s our very own recipe for B2B events with some special ingredients proven to give you the best possible outcome, every time.

For the base:

Event planning is hectic, but each detail needs full-attention. You need to learn to multi-task without getting egg on your face, so practice your juggling. Start each event with a list, digital or notebook. You need everyone to refer to this and keep it updated. Record even the small details so that nothing get’s forgotten about. Make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities and keeps their task status updated so everyone is on the same page.

Forget “too many cooks”
You can’t organise a great B2B event by yourself. That’s the beauty of an event, getting the whole team involved and each bringing their own special ingredient to the table. It gives the team a chance to support each other, developing friendships and pushing everyone to work to their full potential. What might have seemed like a long boring task on paper can suddenly transform into a fun, creative masterpiece with the work of a team effort. You’ll be working hard, the hours will be long but a great relationship between the team helps you all through it. Hard work is key but so is a sense of humour. You need the right team to provide some fun and banter alongside all the craziness. And don’t forget the team celebration at the end of a successful event. Work hard, play hard that’s how we do it at MOI.

No job is too small

The small details can make a big difference. This is where your great plan comes in, don’t forget to keep going back and checking it. Here at MOI we start off planning together and frequently meet for an update so that everyone knows what’s going on. It’s a good way to get any issues out of the way and have the satisfaction of ticking off each task as we go along.

The Perfect Plan
Event planning can get messy. Having the perfect plan can make it look easy. We already mentioned the initial plan, but you must keep going back and revising what’s happening along the way. Don’t forget to plan for the final event day. Make sure everyone is fully aware of what will be happening. This include the MOI team, the suppliers – making sure that briefing documents are signed to show that they understand and agree – and the client. This way there should be no surprises.

Top Tip: Be a swan.

Thing’s will go wrong. No matter how strong your plan is, something will change or not go to schedule. Take a swanlike approach, flapping like mad below the surface but calm and graceful above. Keep the team calm and the client happy. When something goes wrong, refer back to the plan and figure out the best way to deal with the situation.

The icing on the cake:

We’ve given you the base now it’s time for a sprinkle of MOI magic for a truly unforgettable experience.

The right utensils
We already know that teamwork is a must but it’s only possible when you already have a great team. Build your team carefully. When we’re hiring, it takes more than work experience to ‘wow’ us. It’s all about personality and how someone fits into our amazing existing team.

Client Satisfaction
The clients are part of our team too and it’s important to make sure that they feel a part of it. When you create a real relationship with your clients, you can fully understand what they want from you. Get to know your client and make the effort, exceed their expectations. Adding value to the relationships will spread across the whole project.

Rewrite the recipe
The most magical experiences aren’t made on paper, so you can’t just blindly follow the brief. You need to challenge it where you can. Bring your own ideas to the table to make it extra special. Don’t hide your great ideas, share them.

When we get a new brief from a client, the team sits down together to brainstorm all aspects of the event, such as which venue to use and how to dress it up. We also get input from our agency’s creative studio – this brings an entirely different perspective since, not being weighed down with thoughts of logistics, they have more freedom to think up innovative ideas and concepts.

 The wider MOI family
What makes MOI Events so special? We’re more than just an events agency. MOI Global also encompasses a fully-integrated, multi-channel marketing agency and video production agency. The events we run are usually part of a wider campaign, starting with an account manager giving us the background of the campaign. Our event team stretches over the entire agency, including the creative studio, which provides us with creative ideas, branding, event websites, etc. Everybody here is committed to ensuring that the event is the best it can be. If we need to work more hours, or push back on suppliers, we will.

It means our events are more than just events – they look at the bigger picture in audience generation, engagement and awareness, and can last from long before the actual event to long after.

And there’s your recipe to a successful event. For us, it works whether it’s a small C-level roundtable or a 4500-attendee, multi-day conference, and wherever in the world it is.

Get in touch if you want us to put the magic in your B2B event.

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