Beautiful yet edgy. Serene yet dynamic. Modern yet built on a rich history. I was blown away by Singapore on my visit last week, but these words could just as well describe MOI’s Singapore team.

A microcosm

There’ll be almost twenty people in our Singapore office by the end of this year. Unbelievable. There were only a handful of faces a year ago. Led by Client Director Jonathan Seto, they’ve proven themselves to be an inspiring, dedicated and results-driven group of people. They’re a microcosm of what we do as a business.

On the right path

This group of energetic but calm and conscientious individuals have fully realised the long-term vision of the board. Their unmatched rise to success proves that we set out on the right path.

Rewriting the rules

Singapore’s a place for rewriting the rules. Where else could you take a sport with a then 58-year heritage and make it new? It was here, in 2008, that Formula One’s first ever night race took place.

For the last ten years, twenty of the world’s elite drivers have raced the most technologically advanced cars under 1500 custom-made floodlights. It’s the longest, most physically demanding grand prix.

It epitomises this city state. Both Singapore and Formula One have their traditions, but that doesn’t stop them from being at the forefront of technology while still pushing things forwards.


Felipe Massa nabbed pole position at the inaugural race, with a qualifying time of 1:44.801. Just last weekend, Lewis Hamilton did it in 1:36.015. In a sport where fractions of a second make all the difference, this nearly eight-second improvement is monumental.

The Singapore Sling

The circuit used to feature the Singapore Sling, a tricky chicane famous for high kerbs that would launch the car of any driver unfortunate enough to misjudge the corner. So, it’s a difficult track where you need to be exceptional to succeed.

The only four drivers to win – Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg – are all F1 champions. It’s similar for global businesses: you can’t be a champion in Asia unless you’ve succeeded in Singapore.

An inspiration

While I got the chance to attend this year’s Grand Prix, it was just the icing on the cake of a genuinely inspiring visit.

Singaporeans work incredibly hard, but they play incredibly hard too, and they love socialising. So, even if it’s your first visit, as it was mine, it’s not a problem. I’ve never been made to feel more welcome and informed when visiting a new country. And, for all the foodies out there, there are some fantastic gastronomical experiences to be had – Singaporeans love their food.

The real trophy

Now, I’m a big fan of F1, so when I say that watching Lewis Hamilton’s flawless victory wasn’t even the highlight of my week, you know it was a successful business trip. The real trophy goes to our Singapore office.

Thank you

I want to end by taking the opportunity to give a huge, heartfelt thanks to our team over there. Not only for making this an incredible trip, but for making MOI an incredible marketing agency and an awesome place to work.

I’d like to personally thank Jon for doing a superhuman job of leading the team to success, growth and many, many well-deserved award wins.

I can’t wait for my next visit and to see how much further they’ve evolved.


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