We tracked Oracle OpenWorld 2014 through the week on Social Media and this is what we learnt!



Tools used: Radian6 and Tweet Reach

Keywords used: #OOW14, #OOW2014, #Openworld #Oracleopenworld

Live streaming OOW: Make the event accessible to all through live streaming it. This will drive conversations and generate leads

Larry Ellison speech: Your audience is interested in the people driving the company, no matter how active they are on social media

Larry Ellison speech on cloud: The media loves controversy; give them something to discuss

Content strategy for sustainability; ensure there are exciting events and popular speakers throughout the week to keep activity on social high

High impact events after lunch: To avoid sugar crash, pace your afternoons with participation to prompt social activity

Oracle twitter accounts: Planning, briefing, execution: the three big stages to great results

Top influencers: Engage with the right influencers before the event and they’ll return the favour before, during and after

Infosys@OOW: Find partners who embrace social and coordinate efforts to benefit mutually.

Geographic distribution: Use social media to find and engage with those who are not physically present at the event; it will only add to your success.

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