MOI Global has hired Karol Gajewski as its new digital demand and transformation director.

Gajewski brings over 17 years worth of digital marketing experience to the role, having worked at Dynatrace, DirectionGroup and San Markos. He also previously founded ACEpm, an agency for marketing strategy consultation.

“We knew immediately upon meeting Karol that he shared our vision of where MOI and the B2B marketing industry is heading,” said MOI managing director Matt Stevens. “Throughout his career he’s proven himself to be a natural digital marketing strategist. Now he’ll put all that experience to good use as he builds a dedicated and centralised digital transformation team that brings all MOI’s various departments closer together. He’ll make sure that we’re always using the latest technologies and best practices so that our clients and their audiences get the best experiences.”

Gajewski said, “It’s great to join an agency that’s growing so quickly and already has such a strong grasp of technology, data-driven and account-based marketing. The most important thing for me is continuous innovation with technology, strategy and best practices. I’ll be supporting MOI as the agency builds on what it’s already achieved in recent years.”

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