Phew, what an afternoon. Our B2B 360 marketing summit kicked off on 24th July, and boy have we been given food for thought. Our wonderful speakers shared key insights into how data intelligence is evolving the B2B game, enabling marketers to move forward into a more profitable future. Let’s jump straight into some of the day’s key quotes, and what they teach us about the future of B2B marketing in APAC.

“We need to treat people as who they are – human beings”

MOI’s MD Matt Stevens kicked things off with a theme that would characterise the afternoon: that B2B buyers are people too. Many tend to think of B2B as drier than its consumer cousin, populated by people in stifling ties and suits with no sense of fun. As Matt succinctly surmised, “This is rubbish.” B2B buyers ride bikes, grow beards, and eat jam sandwiches just like us. Whether you’re selling a five million-pound infrastructure network or a ten thousand-pound payment deal, you’re selling to a person. So let’s treat them that way.

“Even in B2B, everyone is a music fan”

Going on from Matt, Spotify’s Joanna Wong took to the stage with a fascinating explanation of how music is key to extracting rich data from customers – whether that be B2B or B2C. Unlike social media where people tend to paint an idealised version of their lives, music reveals our true mood and feelings. By knowing what we feel, and importantly, when we feel it, data can be leveraged to create experiences that truly delight customers.

“AI will augment the intelligence of your marketing team”

There’s been a lot of speculation that jobs are going to be taken by AI. This was a myth IBM’s Jodie Sangster dealt with, who explained how in reality, workforces will see their job roles change, not disappear. As an example, AI can automate manual reporting and grunt work, enabling marketers to tackle more complex, challenging tasks.

Jodie also touched on hyper-personalisation, noting how, although personalising experiences will be key moving forward, companies need to be sure this doesn’t spill over into customers worrying about their privacy – what’s known as crossing the “creepy line.”

“Treating data as a human is impossible”

Mimrah Mahmood from Meltwater gave a fascinating talk about external data – third party, unstructured data from sources such as social media – and how technology is enabling marketers to leverage it. Scraping vast amounts of external data in real time is an impossible task for humans. However, using AI, data can be quickly structured and harnessed for new insights.

“Start fast, fail fast, win fast”

The event ended with a three-person panel discussing all things data driven, including onboarding the right skills and adapting your company’s culture. LinkedIn’s Mukkul Dasgupta and Worldwide Envision Digital’s See Ai Ling provided plenty of fascinating insights, with the conversation summed up nicely by Red Hat’s Bernard Tan – that by starting fast, and starting small, businesses can quickly and inexpensively learn the lessons they need to win over their customers.

The pull of data driven is irresistible, and as we continue to combine analytical insights with first-class creative, new worlds of possibility are opening. As our panellist Mukkul Dasgupta pointed out, data truly is the new oil. Let’s use it to keep our businesses fuelled as we drive towards a data-driven future.



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