Heading up a digitally dynamic duo
My team can do what they want, when they want. As long the work gets done to a ridiculously high standard, I don’t care! Sounds a little like an oxymoron. Ultimate freedom and ultimate performance. A workplace of dreams and fantasy, right? Wrong!

This environment does indeed exist, and it can be found at MOI.

The above is all based on trust. Everyone will have different ways of working, but if I trust the team with their time and trust them to do their job, great things can happen. For me, I love the fact that I can get up and do something that I’m passionate about, every day.

Bringing your personality to work
Passion and productivity are crucial foundations of everything that we set out to achieve in life. Finding ways to bring elements of what motivates and inspires us personally into how we operate professionally gives everyone the opportunity to succeed at a higher level.

A couple of years ago, 10 of us took on the National 3 Peaks Challenge, raising over £3,000 for Cancer Research UK. With a total of 14 hours on foot climbing the peaks and 10 hours in cars to get from one to the next, it’s a challenge to bring any group of people together, through the shared experience of emotional and physical stresses in pursuit of a common goal.

It was a truly inspiring challenge and gave me a great opportunity to get to know some of the people I don’t ordinarily work with on a daily basis and form an indestructible bond in the process.

That said, teamwork can temporarily take five if someone is trying to dethrone me as resident king of the pool table…!

Fun breeds creativity. That’s what I tell people that watch me on the table all day every day.
It’s a misconception that a fun office is an unproductive office. Fun and productivity are not mutually exclusive. If anything, they go hand in hand. Having fun improves communication and collaboration, and the more you can enjoy the time you spend with your colleagues, the more you encourage honest and open discussion and trust in one another.

By understanding what motivates and drives those you work with, the easier it becomes to bring the best out of them and work more successfully as a team. Forging closer relationships with your colleagues helps to build personal bonds that extend beyond the professionalism and into friendship.

Work hard, play hard.
As you’d expect with a creative agency, people respond to all sorts of stimuli. You never know where an idea will come from, and there is a healthy buzz all throughout the office. Whether it be drawing inspiration from any of the tunes being piped through the office via speakers (everyone gets their turn with playlist selection!) or the muted crackle of balls on the pool table, it’s a vibrant and productive atmosphere. Which brings us nicely to… the toys!

We’ve got it all. From mini drones to Frisbees, skateboards to get you to client services, and from darts to table tennis, there’s something for everyone.

Everyone will invariably face periods of increased pressure, but the ability to take a couple of minutes out to throw some darts, pot some balls on the pool table or get some fresh air with a Frisbee allows your brain a moment to hit the refresh button, and for you to return with a clear head and refocus on the task with a renewed energy… Unless the drone gets stuck in somebody’s hair. That’s never good. Well, it certainly wasn’t good for the person with a drone tangled in their hair, but a moment for comic relief for everyone else!

Another curious trait we’ve observed among the team is that everyone in the office seems to have a secret love affair or obsession with the humble trainer. Forever complementing or completely obliterating the team on their new trainer purchase… It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to fashion critique!

Happy employees, loyal employees
One obvious benefit of happy employees is that they’re more likely to stay with the company for longer. Unhappy and disengaged employees will naturally look for an alternative working environment. I’m now into my seventh year at the agency, having previously worked with MOI as a freelancer for around six months before I joined full time.

Employees that have fun, enjoying what they do, are engaged in the business and who are generally happy will naturally share company stories and advocate the brand on social media and offline too.

Work hard, and just keep on being productive and creative! Potential employers don’t want to hear about what you can do, they want you to show them, so building up a great portfolio is essential.

Bring your personality to work, and don’t be afraid to let it show!

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