For MOI, 2018 is the year of scale. We’ve already met our three-year goal of establishing MOI as a global, award-winning B2B creative agency. Last year’s huge awards haul proves that we’re regarded as one of the industry’s best.

Our next goal is to continue our growth, evolving our Turning Heads philosophy as we aim to reach $15m billing per annum globally.

But how do we do it at a time when the marketing landscape – marketing budgets in particular – is more uncertain than ever?

Lean marketing – a rise in waste reduction

Lean marketing is a common-sense approach, based on an idea made popular by Eric Reis’s book, The Lean Startup. While originally conceived for manufacturing, it’s a powerful tool for marketers wanting to become more agile and effective.

It’s about cutting waste, stretching limited resources and better measuring ROI, which leads to growth. By testing a proposition, idea or campaign and then building on its successful elements, you minimise spend while maximising effectiveness of campaigns.

It’s directly linked to Kaizen Marketing – by continuously improving at every layer, you reduce waste and become leaner. But it only works when everyone in the organisation plays their part. Kaizen and lean marketing are philosophies that require the right culture, where people feel able to spot the gaps, suggest constructive changes and collectively evolve the way they work together. Fortunately, that’s exactly the culture MOI has developed.

So, by increasing agility through lean marketing, we can test new ideas at ever-higher speeds while continually reducing waste. That means more ideas and better creative. It means scale.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ABM is currently making a big comeback at a time when marketing budgets are shrinking. Yes, new technologies play a big part, but ABM only works when you apply lean practices. It enables a highly-targeted approach, which allows you to eliminate the less effective elements.

You could, say, start by focusing on a particular account or industry segment, and then scale your campaign to others once you know it works. For a practical and in-depth framework for ABM success, read our eBook, which is based on our global ‘Cut the BS in ABM’ workshops.

The benefits of lean marketing

Improve campaign effectiveness

Using lean marketing to cut waste is about more than making your money go further. In this context, ‘waste’ really means the elements of a marketing campaign that are ineffective.

Create better work

By eliminating time-consuming tasks, you free up marketers’ time and enable them to create more in less time. And more time to create means better work for clients and higher satisfaction for marketers.

Speed up time-to-market

By starting with a minimal marketing mix, you can get a campaign out the door quicker. Once you’ve measured what works and what doesn’t, you can scale up the campaign.

Increase innovation

Getting to market quicker means you can test new approaches at lower costs, without alienating key target segments.

Target the right people

By not taking a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, you’re forced to really think about the specific people, accounts or industries that you’re going to target, improving your chances of turning their heads.

Oracle Business Freedom

To see what lean marketing looks like in action, there’s no better example than our Business Freedom campaign for Oracle. From the outside, you’d never guess it uses lean marketing principles, because it’s so huge.

It’s a far and wide-reaching campaign that’s included 31 complex user journeys over 3-5 month periods, with 250 landing pages, 30 blog posts, 108 unique social teasers, 12 bumper videos and interactive infographics that bring data to life. And all campaign materials are translated into French, German and five other languages.

But the different campaign materials are carefully selected and targeted at four distinct market segments, and campaign elements are tested and measured for effectiveness at multiple stages of the user journey. It means we’re able to implement Oracle’s farthest reaching campaign with agility.

With marketing budgets getting ever tighter, becoming lean and agile is no longer a luxury but a must.

How can you make your marketing campaigns leaner and more agile? Get in touch for a chat.


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