Make no mistake: the CMI’s latest report into America’s B2B content marketing habits makes pretty depressing reading.

For me, the shocking part is how exactly half the respondents scored their content marketing 3 out of 5. Ask how well they’re doing, and they basically shrug their shoulders. That’s not great, when content marketing eats well over a quarter of most B2B marketing budgets – and it’s rising fast.

And where’s all this money going? How are they fixing the problem? Churning out more STUFF. Eight out of ten organisations are producing MORE CONTENT.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 
Albert Einstein

Whatever the answer is that’ll get your content marketing going, it’s NOT “more of the same”.

Instead of making more content, let’s think about making it more INTERESTING. More findable. More readable. More shareable. More valuable.

There are no short cuts. There are literally dozens of kinds of content to choose from. Bags of places to share it. All sorts of ways to tailor it to your customer. To add the relevance and impact you need to really cut through the noise.

It all takes thought. Quality. Budget. (And a whole lot of flipping hard work.)

So is content marketing worth doing?


On top of all the other benefits of content marketing – the trust, the authority, the Google profile and dozens more – I recently spotted a fascinating little study intoHow B2B Buyers Consume Vendor Content.

It turns out 94% of organisations curate and circulate relevant content internally before buying B2B products and services.

That means two things:

In the CMI survey, 58% of marketers said they faced a challenge producing enough content. 55% worry about producing the kind of content that engages. Believe me: one of those is much more important than the other.

Let’s not just think “more”. Let’s think “better”.

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