Thanks to Disrupt Forum, we now know a lot more about the role of the modern marketer in 2018 and beyond. So let’s take a quick look back at a packed six months and discover the future of modern marketing.

Modern is multi
Marketing is no longer a single discipline. The modern marketer is part scientist, part creative. And, while technology has brought the need for a whole new set of digital skills, traditional skills are as relevant and crucial as ever. The modern marketer needs to be future-focused, collaborative, curious and customer-obsessed.

“Marketing leaders need to inspire others – then it’s contagious.”

Patrick Barwise


The way to marketing utopia
The marketing organisation of the future starts with the individual, according to our panellist of marketing leaders at 2017’s second Disrupt Forum dinner. Skills are important but they can be learned. Attitude can’t. So hire for attitude. If you want to find marketing utopia, you can say goodbye to siloes too – they’re often just the result of a disunited management team.

“78% of senior marketers say collaborators are the most important personalities in their dream team.”

Anatomy of the Modern Marketer Survey.


Is technology key to marketing?
The next five years will see more change than the last 20. So we invited three technology experts to our series finale. What did we learn? That, while many may feel overwhelmed, the future will see a new age of creativity in marketing, where marketers are free to experiment at speed. And no, AI won’t steal your job.

“Imagine Watson as the best marketing assistant you’ve ever had.”

Jeremy Waite, IBM.


Meet the Modern Marketer
Want more? Read our ‘Meet the Modern Marketer’ report to discover a new way of thinking and find out how to redress the buyer-brand power balance. It’s all based on our Disrupt Forum dinners and survey, plus some frankly bad-ass panellists and speakers giving a generous helping of top marketing thought leadership.

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